Encontre d’editorials valencianes a Benicarló 2022

Benicarló (Spain) will hold this event in which independent publishers will gather to exchange knowledge about the current situation of this market and how to face the new challenges the technologies and the big and global markets offer to the independent publishers markets.

Frankfurter Buchmesse

Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world’s leading venue for printed and digital content. Here is where publishing experts meet up with partners from the technology and creative industries such as film and games – to exchange ideas, be inspired, try out new technologies and cultivate contacts. LIT-UP will participate presenting our project as part of the venue activities.

“Strategies for promoting cooperation between publishers” Plaça del llibre – València (Spain)

Plaça del Llibre is the largest showcase of books in Catalan in the Valencian Community, with a wide representation of literature written in Catalan throughout the linguistic field, both new and original. In this framework, LIT-UP will develop the workshop “Strategies for promoting cooperation between publishers” , a unique oppportunity for authors, publishers, intermediate agents and policy makers to increase their skills and knowledge to leverage their work impact.

Publishers meeting in Torino

#SaveTheDate: 18-22 May 2023 in Torino (Italy). More information here: https://litup-project.eu/lit-up-first-workshop-at-salone-internazionale-del-libro-di-torino/

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