Strategies To Support Languages Equality Through Literature

Enabling new skills and synergies with literature key actors to strength  less used languages market

What is LIT-UP?

LIT-UP is a Creative Europe project aiming at defining and implementing competitive strategies to empower publishers and authors working with less used languages in front of big players in a global context. Strategies defined will try to help them, via activities and trainings, to compete with real opportunities of survival against big languages and players working in their own markets.

LIT-UP at a glance

LIT-UP is addressed to a targeted audiences involved in less used languages literature scope at local, national and European level:

  • Publishers and authors

  • Foundation and associations

  • Bookshops and libraries

  • Entities related to book fairs and literature events
  • Governments and Intermediate agents

Activities,training and events are the cross-cutting actions to engage with this audiences

Who we are

LIT-UP addresses directly to the objective of safeguarding, developing and promoting European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage as it will help the publishing sector working with lesser-used languages to improve their skills, competences and capacity to sell translation rights abroad and to promote works in international markets. 

LIT-UP has developed a range of activities including trainings and workshops around Europe to boost liaisons between authors, publishers, public administrations at local, national and european level.

To achieve this networking strength, LIT-UP base this methodology in this three steps:

  • Promote publishers and authors skills and competences
  • Increase their expertise and relationships
  • Develop robust strategies to leverage the market impact

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