Strategies to support languages equality through Literature

The European industry of publishing represents a revenue of 22,4 billion € in 2019, being United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy the biggest markets in Europe editing mostly in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Russian.

It is relevant to highlight that this schedule has been reinforced in the last years through the harmonisation and concentration of the European market. This fact has critically impacted in the decrease of the lesser used languages relevance in European written communication concerning writers and publishers working in lesser used languages in terms of struggling with those tendences in a fight of survival.

In this framework, LIT-UP project has been created to define and implement competitive strategies to empower publishers and authors working with less used languages in front of big players working with bigger languages in a global context. Strategies defined will
try to help publishers and authors participating in the project to compete with real opportunities of survival against big languages and players working in their own markets. The implementation of these strategies based on skills development, relationships and knowledge will let them improve their market share, their relationships and their position in the market offering them opportunities to compete and survive.

To achieve this objective, LIT-UP works in the following tasks:

LIT-UP, will directly engage authors and publishers from Catalan, Galician, Basque, Frisian, Slovenian, Serbian, Welsch and Sardinian languages to take part in project activities and to benefit from it by:

  • 4 transdisciplinary trainings 

  • 9 International events
  • 6 workshops 
  • 1 Final event

The achievement of the LIT-UP success is ensured with our interdisciplinary Consortium, bringing together the expertise of our partners which includes their networks (across and beyond Europe) as key roles within the project that focus on different priority project areas.

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