Welcome to LIT-UP online training on management in different literature areas

LIT-UP partners are happy to announce that we have launched the open invitation to participate in our 4-module online trainings.

Their objectives,  delivered on the platform Moodle, are to increase publishers and authors’ competences in the following fields with the tailor-made contents:

Management of National and International Bookfairs

(starting on May 2023)

  • Preparation for an event
  • The work to be done during an event
  • The work following an event
  • How to convert contacts in sales or purchase of works.

Management of Literary Promotional Events

  • Preparation prior to an event
  • The work to be done during an event
  • How to take advantage of joint presence of authors and the editors/publishers in promotional events

Management of Foreign Rights

One workshop will be aimed at publishers so that they get to know all the rights they have to manage when they publish a work; and the other at authors so that they get to know what kind of rights they should negotiate with their publisher.

Negotiation of Foreign Rights

This module is aimed at publishers only so that they get to learn how to promote the works internationally, how to contact interested publishers and how to negotiate foreign rights in international fairs.

More information
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EUS – Onlineko prestakuntza gonbidapena
SL – Vabilo na spletno usposabljanje April
IT-Invito alla formazione on-line

The trainings in a nutshell

  • The first module starts on the 1st of May. 
  • You can register  by clicking hereAfter your registration, we’ll contact you with more details about starting date and available materials
  • It’s perfect to publishers, authors, booksellers, librarians and student
  • Contact details: If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Barbara Pregelj (barbara.pregelj@malinc.si)