Literary festival Meet me at the Lighthouse

The enchanting island of Schiermonnikoog hosted the Meet me at the Lighthouse (MMATL) festival once again! From November 9th to 12th, 2023, the festival offered a unique experience for literature enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Literary figures like author and journalist Adriaan van Dis, philosopher and writer Eva Meijer, poet Myron Hamming, and writer-gardener Mariken Heitman are just a few of the distinguished names gracing the program. But MMATL 2023 had something even more exciting in store for LIT-UP editors and publishers!

Building upon the success of its first workshop held at the Torino Book Fair, LIT-UP hosted its second workshop at MMATL. This exciting event featured performances by international authors from partner regions and offer a variety of activities specifically designed for industry professionals.

Boosting International Skills: A Focus on LIT-UP

This year at MMATL, LIT-UP have been present through two key opportunities:

  • B2B Meetings: Editors and publishers from LIT-UP had the chance to connect and network with fellow professionals from around the world during dedicated B2B meetings. This is a fantastic opportunity to build meaningful connections and explore potential collaborations.

  • Workshops This insightful workshop has been divided into two sessions:

    • Session 1: National and International Book and Author Promotion in the Netherlands. Led by Mireille Berman (Dutch Foundation for Literature) alongside writers and poets Tsead Bruinja and Nyk de Vries, this session provided participants with valuable knowledge on promoting books and authors on both national and international platforms.
    • Session 2: Literary Promotion in Friesland. Join Ernst Bruinsma (Books of Fryslân), writer Anita Terpstra, and children’s book ambassador Tialda Hoogeveen to explore literary promotion in Friesland.

This is our experience at the festival:

Meet me at the Lighthouse (MMATL) is a literary festival on the most northern Dutch island, Schiermonnikoog. It brings together writers, poets, thinkers and audiences in a programme with recitals, discussions, night walks and reading clubs. In Meet me at the Lighthouse, issues such as nature, ecology, tourism and identity form a common theme, making the island of Schiermonnikoog the decor, the inspiration and the topic of conversation.

The literary festival held this year from 9 to 12 November 2023 on various special locations on the island. Author and journalist Adriaan van Dis, philosopher and writer Eva Meijer, poet Myron Hamming and writer and gardener Mariken Heitman are the first major names on the programme.

LIT-UP is also part of the programme, with performances by international authors from partner regions and various activities for professionals.

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