Within the framework of the Turin Book Fair, ILV organized a B2B meeting between publishers from the partner countries and facilitated meetings with other publishers present at the Fair.

LIT-UP editors actively participated in the event’s offerings, attending two insightful workshops. The first, titled “A ROAD MAP FOR YOUR TRIP TO AN INTERNATIONAL BOOKFAIR: Tips and Tricks for Successful Participation,” provided valuable guidance on navigating and maximizing the benefits of attending international book fairs. This workshop likely covered topics like booth setup, networking strategies, and deal negotiation tactics, providing LIT-UP editors with the knowledge to ensure a productive presence at future fairs.

The second workshop, “WHY FELLOWSHIPS IN PUBLISHING: An Accelerator of Trade and Friendship,” explored the opportunities and benefits offered by publishing fellowships. By attending this session, LIT-UP editors gained insights into programs that can foster international collaboration, professional development, and cultural exchange. This knowledge could prove instrumental in identifying future fellowship opportunities that align with LIT-UP’s goals and interests, potentially fostering new partnerships and propelling the company’s international reach.

Check here our experience in Turin 

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